HISTORIAN: Susan Beth Mohr Engels

  • Mission Statement –

My Mission is to learn, preserve, and tell the Story of the Thornhurst United Methodist Church so as to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World.

I pledge to do so by documenting the development and growth of this United Methodist Church. 

Other Historian’s News

Research the history of our church in the context of this community, state, and Nation.

Collect primary and secondary resources pertaining to the church, its antecedents, and its relationships to the United Methodist Annual Conference and the wider Church.

Archive the inactive records and documents of the church following the United Methodist records retention schedule as a guide.

Responsibly organize and preserve our growing collection of materials and artifacts.

Responsibly make the historical resources available to members of the church’s “community” and other interested researchers and inquirers.

Document significant events and activities in the current life of the church, and

Cultivate awareness and appreciation by the congregation of heritage of its past and the legacy that it will pass to future generations.


Long time resident Jim Howley is the author of Thornhurst and the Upper Lehigh River, a compilations of stories about early industry in Thornhurst and the surrounding communities along the river. Originally published in 2001, the book is on its third printing and contains additional content, including photos. To purchase the book, contact Jim at 570-842-9412. The cost is $30.00.


The Thornhurst Historical Committee is interest in collecting old photos, postcards, and memorabilia about the community. Call Pat Wincek at 570-842-3353 if you have items or information to share.


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