History of our Church

A Methodist Class was a congregation without a Church or a Clergyman. One of these classes was formed as early as 1845, by an itinerant Preacher at Briar Patch School House on Pine Grove Road.

1853 An ordained Pastor, from the Methodist church of Stoddartsville, held classes there. It was from these classes that the Thornhurst Methodist/Episcopal Church evolved, about ten years later.

The original church at Thornhurst was built about 1857-8. The contractor, failing to get his pay, caused the property to be sold by sheriff Samuel Van Loon. Josiah Lewis bought it for $50.00.

On August 31, 1865, Mr. Lewis sold the property to “The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Gouldsboro” (Thornhurst) for $700.00 not $100.00 as noted in other publications, the church lot is 6 x 16 rods.

June, 1888 in consideration of $101.00, J.B. Finley and wife deeded a lot on the East side of the church, 5 x 8 rods, to E. J. Drum, J. B. Gardner, P.E. Williams, Jacob Blakeslee, Lewis Stull and P.L. Kinney, who were trustees of the society at that time. The Parsonage was built in 1888, at the cost of $350.00.
It stands across the street from the current church, it is also adjacent to the small Cemetery. It wasn’t until 2017 that a sign was gifted to the church for the cemetery by the Historian.

For many years we have shared a pastor with the Gouldsboro UMC, our pastor resides in their parsonage, we rent out ours, the income generated is used to pay the taxes, insurance and repairs and maintenance on said property.

One dollar was paid down, and a mortgage of $100.00 given by the society. It was understood that the holder of the mortgage made a present of the claim to the society a few years later. The church had a seating capacity of 200 at a cost of about $1,000.00 to build.
In 1880, our membership was 27 with 60 children in Sunday School. For the first few years the same pastors served at both the Thornhurst and the Stoddartsville church and Blakeslee Church. In 1889 the society purchased from Abial Leonard and wife Fannie, the lot west of the church, containing thirty-two perches, paying $125.00 for the ground.

In 1924, after 33 years of service, the little white church was destroyed when the trustees decided to excavate to make a basement.

There was a large boulder beneath the building that was to be removed.
The charge of dynamite proved too large or was misplaced incorrectly.
Thus, the church was destroyed.

October 31, 1924, the new Edifice was dedicated. The corner stone is behind the bush on the left side of the church. The total cost of the church was $7,000.00. The building is frame structure 34 feet x 44 feet.  

On July 1, 2019 our Church separated from Gouldsboro UMC after many years, although we we now stand alone, we are till united in faith.

In 2020 the Parsonage was sold.

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